1st Project Meeting

Finland, 11.-12.10.2023

Our new Erasmus KA2 started in a very promising spirit! ARTicipate! -project will develop participatory tools for adult educators working with adults at risk of exclusion. Cultural visit to the birth home of Lucina Hagman was a strong reminder of the value of equality.

Training in Participatory Podcasting

Spain, 30.1.-1.2.2024

Training in participatory podcasting for adult educators took place in Palencia. This training provided the participants an intensive and detailed information and knowledge on podcasting in general, social podcasting as a special interest, how to prepare yourself and your learners for a podcast session, how to create the script, do the recording, edit the voice file and upload the podcast in the hosting platform. After this very inspirational training, the partnership will start creating the first Work Book and prepare the local workshops for the learners.

Training in Participatory Photography

Finland, 18.-21.3.2024

The second training for adult educators will take place in Kokkola, Finland. The participants were provided with plenty of interesting and emotional exercises, lots of knowledge and skills to implement a local workshop with their own learners. At the end of the training, the participants set an exhibition in Kokkola City Library.

Local workshops

Participatory Photography in Greece

2 ESP EPAL PEIRAIA is a public evening vocational high school situated in Piraeus in Greece. They organized a workshop in Participatory Photography for their students in April 2024.

Training in Digital Storytelling
Denmark, 24.-27.9.2024

The third training for adult educators will take place in Aarhus, Denmark.

Training in Participatory Theatre
Greece, 5.-8.11.2024

The fourth training for adult educators will take place in Piraeus, Greece.