Engaging adult learners at risk of exclusion through participatory methods

What are participatory art-based tools?

Participatory art methods involve using different forms of creative expression to support people in the process of reflecting, processing, and sharing their life experiences with others through art. We believe that creativity is something shared by everyone, regardless of their background and skills, and our role as educators is to create a safe space where our learners can experiment, explore, and express themselves freely.

Being involved in art-based activities gives people an opportunity to share their lived experiences and present the world as they see it through different forms of expressions, such as photography, filmmaking, audio recording and podcast creating, and theatrical performances. By sharing their personal stories, learners can present their unique perspectives and thus contribute to deconstructing stereotypes that other people have about them - we find it especially important in the context of working with adults at risk of exclusion and discrimination.



The project will develop four participatory workbooks, which provide concrete workshop plans, exercises, presentations and ready-to-print handouts that can be used by educators working with adult learners at risk of exclusion. These workbooks will provide educational recourses to all professionals enabling them to replicate these methods and improve their own competence.


The project will create an online space where adult educators from around the world can share their own best practices for engaging adult learners at risk of exclusion and how to use participatory tools with various groups. A global community of educators who are passionate about promoting innovative and engaging methodologies and who are eager learn from one another.